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Why is Meditation So Scary?

I wake up early and go to my meditation “spot” in my living room where I sit against the couch. It’s dark because the sun hasn’t come up yet.

The house is quiet, and everyone is still asleep. Ugh! I’m scared to meditate. I don't want to sit with myself. And be in my body. And feel the uncomfortable sensations. The jittering in my stomach, the burning in my chest. What I label as “anxiety” and “dread.” I don’t want to hear the swirling thoughts. I don’t want to be all alone. Without distractions. I’m scared to feel my body. And to hear the stories I tell myself about the sensations.

But what if emotions and the corresponding sensations are just energy?

And the stories my mind spin about the sensations aren’t true?

Would it be easier to feel the sensations in the body knowing they’re just energy?

Does it help to know there is nothing to fear in the sensations of emotions?

That what I’m feeling is just the “aliveness” of the body?

It’s how it feels to be human.

Does it help to know that this aliveness can be uncomfortable?

And that’s it’s normal to be uncomfortable?

And that “If we’re willing to stay here, in direct contact with the physical experience of being alive and not make any story about it then great transformation is at hand. By being willing to be a little uncomfortable and acknowledge that this is undeniably presence, then we are on sacred ground. There is nothing specific we need to do here other than let this experience, this dense moving presence inhabit our body.” Angelo Dilulo, author of “Awake It’s Your Turn.”

It sure helps me!

It helps me to not only tolerate the "uncomfortable sensations" but actually look forward to meditating.”

Because I know that everything is ok.

That I'm just feeling what it is to be alive.

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