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A Mind Blowing Gratitude Practice You've Got to Check Out To Help With Your Chronic Pain!

I just watched the documentary “Stutz” about Jonah Hill’s therapist Phil Stutz which I found incredibly poignant and inspiring.

In it are so many “tools” that can be used for general wellbeing.

One of the most powerful is the “Gratitude Flow.”

We all know that gratitude is beneficial for so many reasons. But what I love about this particular practice is that there is a somatic element to it.

For that reason, I believe that not only is it incredibly helpful for general mood enhancement but also for the reduction of chronic pain.

Why? Because chronic pain is a well worn neural pathway. By practicing the “gratitude flow” we are creating new neural pathways. Ones without the pain.

It’s definitely worth giving it a try.

Here’s how it works:

1. Bring to mind something for which you are grateful. The smaller the better because “looking” for things that you are grateful for is a creative act and forces you to concentrate on the gratefulness.

2. Go slow with this. Really feel the gratefulness. What do you notice happening in your body as you are thinking about that for which you are grateful?

3. Repeat this about 3 more times.

4. Then feel like you are going to find another thing to be grateful for, but this time block your creative process and instead feel the force that would have created a grateful thought.

5. Let that force get stronger and take you over. Again, notice what happens in your body when you are feeling the “stream of gratefulness” and are in the “gratitude flow.”

6. Now stay in the gratitude flow as long as you’d like and enjoy how you feel.

7. The key is to find new things to be grateful for each time you practice this exercise.

Try this anytime your thoughts are out of control.

Or I’d argue anytime you are having mild to moderate pain.

Phil Stutz says that “grateful is the state you want to be in as often as you can.”

And I can’t agree more.

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