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Transform Your Life and your pain

More Calm.  More Comfort.  More Control.

Do you recognize yourself?


Chronic Pain has hijacked your life.

You live in fear of it worsening and staying forever.

You want to get your life back.

You want to be in control and live in peace and comfort .


Good news! Chronic pain is treatable without pills, procedures or surgeries


Finding Your Own Truth

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Recent research has shown that chronic pain is often the result of learned neural pathways in the brain.  You can be relieved of your chronic pain with techniques that retrain the brain to eliminate the fear around the pain which subsequently breaks the cycle of chronic pain.


Katie Ortiz is a Physical Therapist, a Certified Martha Beck Wayfinder Life Coach, an IFS (internal family systems) informed coach, and is certified in Pain Reprocessing Therapy. 

What you can expect when working with Katie


  • You will learn about cutting edge pain neuroscience and the reversibility of your chronic pain.


  • Learn practical mindfulness tools that will help you get out of chronic pain by retraining the brain.


  • Identify and reduce the impact of emotional issues that are perpetuating the pain.


  • You have the potential to get your life back! And to be hopeful, confident and able to do what you want again.



Based on cutting edge pain neuroscience research


You will gain a deeper understanding about your pain


And you will master techniques that have the potential to help you to get out of pain

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To disidentify with your fears and move forward from a place of wisdom, calm and creativity


To find a more open and loving relationship with your kids, your partner, yourself

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"My favorite part about working with Katie is her broad knowledge and the incredible number of tools she brings to coaching. As a coach and a physical therapist, she has great breadth and depth of knowledge and experience. My biggest transformation was having severe chronic neck pain go away. Remarkable. To me it was a miracle! I didn’t think this was possible. I would recommend Katie to anyone who struggles with pain. Absolutely anyone." Anne Marie. Colorado

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Certified Martha Beck Wayfinder Lifecoach

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I am a licensed physical therapist of 20 years, a mother of two teenage girls and I have a 2 plus decade history of anxiety and unexplained chronic illness.  Utilizing many techniques which I have folded into my coaching practice, I have been able to successfully manage my anxiety and physical symptoms, have deepened my relationships, particularly with my kids, and have found the ability to have self-compassion which makes every aspect of my life better! 

I profoundly care about people and their stories, their pain, and their traumas. I deeply wish for everyone to grace themselves with radical acceptance and self-compassion. I yearn for us all to be able to disidentify with painful beliefs and fears. I want for us all to be able to be with painful sensations without fear. I hope for everyone to have a practice of stillness to be more present and to be able to respond rather than react in challenging situations. I desire for everyone to have more connection in their relationships.  I would love to have the opportunity to meet you and hear your story.  I am confident I can help you with your pain!

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